Reducing dependencies on development teams in e-commerce

On November 15th, Jons Janssens will introduce e-commerce leaders to the composable website system.

This approach is system agnostic, meaning it's not tied to any specific technology platform. It cuts costs, accelerates deployments, enhances collaboration, and solidifies brand consistency across digital channels.

November 15th16.00 - 17:00 CET


The traditional way of launching webpages in e-commerce is too slow. And too expensive.

Many e-commerce brands experience this: a simple idea for a new webpage often morphs into a lengthy, budget-exhausting project due to multiple review and feedback loops with design and development teams. This scenario is not just a challenge—it's an unnecessary, fixable inefficiency. And yet, it’s a common narrative across the industry.

Efficiency, speed, scale and cost savings. All without quality and consistency compromises.

Today, the e-commerce market demands an accelerated content release pace, spanning multiple platforms. Consumers’ expectations for consistent, high-quality experiences are soaring too. Amidst these demands, the limited capacity of design and development teams becomes a glaring bottleneck.

This webinar introduces the solution—a composable front-end with its design system and reusable components. It is a breakthrough that embodies efficiency, speed, and scale. Your business team will become autonomous from development and design capacity, enabled to launch new webpages or even websites on their own.

What will you learn?

01 How can non-technical teams launch web pages without needing developers or designers?

02 How to unify brand experience across various markets or digital channels reliably?

03 How to deploy new content quickly and cost-effectively without quality loss?
04 How to boost cross-functional collaboration in webpage development from idea to launch?

05 How to automate and enhance content updates on web pages?

06 How to speed up experimentation or concept testing on your e-commerce store?

About the speaker: Jons Janssens

Jons is the Founder & Partner of Conway & Co. Also, a former Chief Digital Officer at Ace & Tate, a proven C-Suite advisor, investor and growth leader.

Previous appointments: entrepreneur in residence at PostNL (post-acquisition) and Chief Product Officer at Backspace investment fund.

• Grew the online NPS score at Ace & Tate to 70+ (world-class)

• Helped to scale Ace & Tate market presence from 3 to 20+ countries

• Led digital transformation at PostNL, 3x their user base (1M → 3M)

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Join us on November 15th, 16:00 CET

The event is free of charge, registration mandatory.