13 July 2023

"Keeping up with China" event: introduction, articles and video

Written byAurelija Vyčaitė


In the beginning of the year we organised a special boardroom session around all relevant e-commerce developments in China. We are thrilled to have Ed Sander as our keynote speaker at the event. There were so many relevant learnings and insights. We decided it would be great to share the key takeaways and part of the presentation with you.

Why we organised our session on China

China is a compelling country to study when it comes to digital commerce trends due to its unprecedented growth and innovative approach to e-commerce. China is the second largest population, with over 1.4 billion people and a rapidly expanding middle class that has embraced online shopping. The Chinese market has quickly adopted digital technologies, making it a fertile ground for experimentation and innovation in digital commerce. From mobile payments to social media commerce, China has pioneered many trends that have reshaped the global e-commerce landscape. 

We organised our boardroom session to learn more about this region and its developments in e-commerce. It brought many insights from both strategic and practical sides. 

Scale with the insights from China, the Shein 'secret' formula, and more 

Seeing this session's number of insights and essential knowledge bites was great. So much so that we wrote multiple articles supporting you while focussing on this market for best practices and learnings; some were published before the session but are still relevant. 

Moreover, we can share the video of the first chapter of the presentation our keynote speaker Ed Sander did, based on learnings from the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023. 

The four articles are:

  1. Why should investors care about China for their e-commerce business
  2. Scale your commerce business with a little help from China
  3. Competition in China: Why are Chinese companies venturing abroad
  4. Decoding Shein's Success: 5 crucial features of their business model 

The keynote of Ed Sander

China is moving very fast. For this reason, Ed and Conway decided it would be best to share only the first part of the presentation. And add our caveat that the presentation was held last February and was based on the most current information at the time. You can contact Ed for his latest insights (link below). We still believe the presentation is very relevant and holds many key insights. Enjoy!  

Find out more about our keynote speaker, Ed Sander

We could not have organised this event without the knowledge and hands-on experience of our speaker Ed Sander and his team. He is a writer and a frequent speaker at many events. Ed shares his thoughts and knowledge on his own website Chinatalk.nl and via the investor-oriented website, "Tech Buzz China". You can also book him at The Next Speaker.

Find out more about Conway & Co

Although it’s great to talk about how they do e-commerce in China, many cultural, political and geographical differences make it complex for Western companies to copy-paste these learnings. Then again, we can learn some lessons in Western retail from China. 

That’s why we’re here. Our consultants have tried and tested implementing many digital commerce operating models that deliver. We build the digital backbone of leading omnichannel players so that consumer brands can win in the digital age and help investors check the state of technology before they buy.

To find out more, jump on a call with us today.

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